Diamond Air Bar Sakura Grape

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13 reviews for Diamond Air Bar Sakura Grape

  1. Nicole L

    It’s legal, makes you feel high without the fog of full TH; jer more orders coming!

  2. Rosemarie G

    I love this one I just ordered it again and got it. I’m going to order another shortly 😁

  3. Geneva W

    it did what it was suppose to

  4. jay W

    Arguably the strongest product i’ve bought from air bar vapes. Great flavor as well!!

  5. Tamara P

    Very smooth and effective. One of my new favorites.

  6. jack J

    taste was amazing very smooth hit and the high feels great takes a while to feel the affects tho 8/10 would recommend

  7. jasmine H

    tasted really good and felt great

  8. Shari A

    Very smooth

  9. Paul G

    This was a very good disposable. Good high & it doesn’t clog up. If it does, it’s a very easy pop. No hard sucking like a lot of other ones. Would definitely buy again 🔥

  10. Ana L

    got as a birthday present for a friend, they loved it

  11. Ultima s

    The high was good, the flavor was the best! I’d recommend trying it

  12. katherine D

    It really hits thr spot.

  13. Brooke h

    It delivered the perfect result for me.

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